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  1. Gerard Butler
    Gerard Butler
    A wise man once said "it takes a village to raise a self-diagnosed thyroid condition".. I think that man was Hillary Clinton
  2. Colby
    Days, I've been like this for days Hiding underneath the darkest waves Ive been praying for the tide to change Head, is this all in my head?
  3. Steelenvelvet
    Steelenvelvet Gerard Butler
    10/10 Would Self Diagnose again!
  4. OneBigMillipede
    Does my but look big in this?
    1. Gerard Butler
      Mar 14, 2018 at 11:45 AM
  5. Gerard Butler
    Gerard Butler
    Everywhere I'm lookin now, I'm surrounded by your bully team. Baby I can see your self-diagnosis, I know you need Thyroid Cream. -Beyonce
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  6. KrakenAttak
    Best criminal in the whole of my house
    1. JustAnOddYoutuber
      Why is there a hole in your house?
      Mar 8, 2018
    2. KrakenAttak
      Took me 2 days to get that joke
      Mar 9, 2018
  7. Mordicai
    James Koch: Can't wait to put in my application to the LSPD
  8. cianliverpool
    Oh hi there ;)
  9. MsMoofin
    You know RP is good when it makes you actually cry...
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  10. OneBigMillipede
    I h8 the snow ⛄️
  11. Gerard Butler
    Gerard Butler JustAnOddYoutuber
    All my exes live in trashcans
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  12. JustAnOddYoutuber
  13. Gerard Butler
    Gerard Butler
    What have I become, my sweetest Thyroid. Everyone I love, self-diagnoses in the end.
  14. Gyro
    Shut your fucking mouth! Shut the fuck up you cunt! - Bronson
  15. Gerard Butler
    Gerard Butler
    I had a dream, that one day my children won't be judged by their self diagnosed thyroid conditions, but by the content of their characters.
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  16. MsMoofin
    I have easily spent 30+ hours writing up information for my character and her backstory...
  17. BalloonPizza289
    Why do I keep spilling coffee, god dammit!
  18. Tom94o
    Tom94o JustAnOddYoutuber
    What seems to be the problem cowboy
    You want a piece of me?
  19. Elijah Dark
    Elijah Dark
    Canis lupus?
  20. OneBigMillipede