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    1.) In-Character Information

    1.1) First Name: Ryan

    1.2) Last Name: Kellie

    1.3) Gender: Male

    1.4) Age: 22

    1.5) Nationality: Caucasian

    1.6) Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY):

    2.) Language Proficiency

    2.1) Can you speak to others in English proficiently? (Yes/No): Yes

    2.2) Can you write to others in English proficiently? (Yes/No):

    3.) Your Qualifications

    3.1) What experience do you have that could be valuable to the department?

    I was a Lt. in the SAHP in another city.

    3.2) What would you say is the most valuable trait that you possess, and explain how that could benefit the BCSO.

    I can quickly adapt to changes in policies and procedures of the BCSO.

    3.3) Please list all prior Employment/Education/Training that you may have that qualifies you for a position:

    SAHP 1.5 years Lt. in another state

    3.4) If hired please list the things that you would like to see changed in the department or city:

    I am not aware of any issues from what I have learned from current deputies and officers. If any issues are/were to arise I would report them to my supervisor immediately.

    3.5) Have you ever been arrested/convicted of a felony crime? Explain:

    No, Currently not a Citizen in the State.

    3.6) Please provide a short biography about yourself and why you believe you are qualified ((MINIMUM 150 WORDS)): I am in the process of moving to San Andreas and after a short, so far, life of working any job you can to survive. I want to find that career that would begin to make me feel better about the life I came from. As a deputy in the Blaine County Sheriff's Office I would strive to do my best in serving the citizens of the state of San Andreas. I believe that I would make a good deputy because I am willing to learn and I would like to improve myself while improving the state of San Andreas. Also being a Law Enforcement Officer from another city the knowledge learned and experience gained, from on the job training and field time, would make it easier and quicker for training. Being an Lt. in my last city taught me how to handle situation in the various manors that are required to perform in those situations.

    4.) Out-of-Character Information (OOC)

    4.1) Do you have at least 14 days played on the server?: No, Currently working on.

    4.2) First Name: Wyatt

    4.3) Gender: Male

    4.4) Age: 27

    4.5) Country: US

    4.6) Time zone: PST

    4.7) Alternative Character if applicable: N/A

    4.8) Past Police / Medical RP experience: Console GTA RP

    4.9) Do you have any in-game Police or Medical professional references?

    4.10) Have you ever had any punishment on the server such as a Kick/Ban? : No

    4.11) Additional Information about yourself that you consider beneficial to the department? IRL experience in Law Enforcement and Agriculture Enforcement Officer.

    4.12) Time played on Magicallity Roleplay? :
    1 day

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